Laser Hair Removal For Men

As times change, so does the definition of what is considered ‘sexy’. What started out as just for women, laser hair removal for men has taken on a life of its own. Sure it has it’s advantages for the athlete, in addition to enhancing their game in their respective sport, they’ve trained long and hard to sculpt their bodies and even take pride in showing it off. Now though more and more women are liking that clean shaven look, even requesting it of their man. Blame it on ‘Queer Guy’ or the media but like it or not, metro sexual and laser hair removal for men is here to stay.

Argument Against Temporary Solutions:

You can find many temporary solutions, which is exactly the problem. These methods are only effective for the short run. In the matter of a week or two you’ve be repeating the process again. Point in case, tweezing your eyebrows is not only painful, but you know the hair is going to grow back. Hardly a option for much more than just facial hairs. You might consider depilatory creams but for certain skin types this can cause irritation – might end up with a smooth, hair free rash. So what about waxing? Have you tried it? It’s hard to compare a woman waxing and a man waxing. After all, guys have more hair, denser hair more places. Aside from the prospect of having to endure the pain every couple weeks you still have to take care to avoid any skin infection.

Now The Permanent Solutions:

If you’ve made up your mind to go hairless on any part of your body, you’re going to experience a little bit of discomfort whichever way you go. Why not have to only go through it once? To date, there are only two permanent solutions. The first one is electrolysis. When the technology first came out it was only effective on light haired, fare skinned people. Advancements have been made but the one main drawback is that it is very time consuming because the technician has to address each hair follicle individually (one at a time). It kills the hair follicles by electrocution. This is probably no more intimidating then using a laser on your body, and it you are just after a small area like the bikini area may be a good option for you. A little local anesthesia and off you go, but not so practical for larger surfaces like the back or legs.

The second option is going to be laser treatment. This method uses a light beam to destroy the root of the hair but not the actual follicle. This being the case, you may notice some re-growth even after the sessions are complete. However, the returning hairs grow back in finer and lighter than before and then after a few more treatments, it will be completely gone. After that only a few bi-annual retouch visits will be required. In addition, lasers can cover a larger area faster resulting in quicker results then the electrolysis alternative.

Laser hair removal for men is suitable for all parts of the body. It works for the face, chest, back and even the genitals. Laser treatment is practically painless too. Even without any topical numbing ointment, most people report feeling only a slight stinging sensation while undergoing the procedure. After the treatment some people may find their skin getting a little darker while others experience a slight swelling on the affected area. Even then, after a couple days the swelling will go away

Different Types Of Laser Devices:

There are many types of over the counter, home versions of laser hair removal systems but what you should know before investing in one of those is that in order to be safe enough for home use it needs to be a level 1 laser. Weak enough so you don’t hurt yourself. The professional ones are level 3 or 4. Basically it will take 4 times longer at home and still not get the professional results. As mentioned earlier, men are going to have more dense hair, so laser hair removal for men is going to require a stronger system from the get go.

There are also many skin types, and for each skin type there is one type of laser that will work better then another. That’s where the pros come in. The Nd Yag laser does well with dark skin but is not as effective on the fare skinned, light haired person. On the other hand, the Ruby laser is recommended for light hair and does poorly on dark skin. The Alexandrite laser has become the laser of choice because it is faster and works on a wider verity of hair and skin types.

Laser hair removal for men is becoming more advanced, more widely accepted and less pricy. It’s easy, quick and permanent. About the only thing that holds more men back is that despite all the pros it still had a pretty hefty upfront cost. In the long run though when you consider the cost and time of shaving and waxing over all the years, all the time spent every couple weeks. The benefits far outweigh the cost.

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  1. Hairstyles says:

    Very good site about hair, greet and invite me.

  2. Jade Singer says:

    Laser hair removal is better than waxing and electrolysis if you want to reduce the number of treatments as well as costs. Most people we talk to prefer laser hair removal than other options. Although it might be more expensive for each session, in the long run it is actually less expensive.

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